Kidbiz Personal & Social Development Education | Middle School Years

About Kidz Biz Education

Established in 2008, Kidz Biz Education’s core business is to develop and deliver personal and social development educational courses for public and private school primary and middle year students ranging from Years 3 to 7.

Because of the perceived and ongoing disparity of personal and social development training and development in South Australia’s education space, Kidz Biz Education focuses exclusively on developing and delivering highly effective courses that encourage students to make safe, timely and informed decisions.  Furthermore, it provides a consultancy and referral service to teachers, course developers and media.

Kidz Biz Education has, and continues to pride itself on being a value-add and customer-centric business that provides quality, affordable standard and custom-made products and services.

It is fast becoming many schools’ preferred choice as evidenced by new and repeat business and its effective student engagement and interaction (with the latter supported by freewill testimonials).

Our Principles

The following six principles reflect a set of ethics that underpin the establishment of Kidz Biz Education.  Serving as the bedrock of its perseverance to provide schools with great courses and service, while simultaneously endeavouring to constantly raise the bar beyond the benchmark for educational excellence, Kidz Biz Education will:

  • Conduct itself with respect, honesty and integrity at all times.
  • Consistently develop and deliver, quality, current, affordable and fun courses that genuinely add value.
  • Treat all students with a profound sense of fairness and integrity irrespective of gender, religion, race, colour and national origin.
  • Never compromise the ethos of any public or private school.
  • Consider it unthinkable to breach any school’s confidence.
  • Graciously accept, and promptly act on constructive feedback received about its service, course content and engagement with students and teachers.


"Wendy made it easier than last year to participate in discussion and made it more interesting. This is because she made everyone get into it and gave more interesting information. I think my fellow year sevens need to know this information because we are all about at the age when puberty starts to kick in and change us."

Year 7 male student, Primary School