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Workshops offered by Kidz Biz Education

Kidz Biz Education develops and delivers a number of fun and exciting personal and social development educational classroom workshops for both primary and secondary students ranging from years 4 to 10 (ages 8 – 16).

Our very popular Family Evening workshops are also on offer to students from year Reception to year 7 and their families.

Designed to educate, prevent and promote personal and social development health and well-being among young people, they provide the positive stimulus to develop the skills and knowledge and to explore values and attitudes so that students can address the myriad of issues that confronts them daily.

The highly informative content within these workshops is current, accurate, relevant and impartial, and is mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Health & Physical Education and the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

The workshops have been designed to cover current and emerging trends and can be custom-tailored to the requirements of schools.

The prices listed in each of the workshops below are for Adelaide metropolitan schools only. For outer metropolitan and country schools, additional fees will apply to cover travel/ accommodation costs.

Family Evening Sessions

Session 1: year R-4 (ages 5-9)

Session 2: year 5-7 (ages 10-13) and their parents/caregivers

'Where Did We Come From' and 'What's Happening To Me' are sessions conducted in the evening where primary aged children bring along their families to learn about the human body and the amazing things it can do. Traditionally known as the 'Birds & the Bees', these sessions have been designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. They are highly interactive that provide students and their parents/care givers with an introduction to basic personal growth and social development education.

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Busy Bodies

2 or 3 workshop sessions for year 4-5 (ages 8-11)

A program tailored to suit middle primary year children as they begin to wonder 'Who are we?' and 'Why do we have to change?' These sessions are designed to be fun and interactive, to extinguish any of the myths associated with where babies come from, and help students identify and develop skills they will need as they begin to head into the puberty years.

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Guess What! You're Growing Up!

3 or 4 workshop sessions for year 6-7 (ages 11-13).

These workshops help upper primary students understand how the reproductive system works and how amazingly it adapts to change.

The sessions helps equip students making the transition from junior school to secondary school with a survival kit of skills: coping with physical and emotional body changes during puberty, making successful new friendships, surviving family conflicts, managing stress and pressures.

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You're Growing What? Where?

3 or 4 workshop sessions for year 7-8 (ages 12-14).

Strategy/skill workshops that provide middle year students with a clear focus on minimising specific risk and adopting protective behaviours.

The sessions deal with peer, media and other social pressures imposed on young people: providing opportunities to practice communication, negotiation and assertion skills.

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Teens In Between & Are We There Yet?

3 workshop sessions for years 8-9 (ages 12-14) and years 9-10 (ages 14-15).

Young people today live in a time of rapid, ongoing and unparalleled social change and upheaval. Media exposure to violence, sexual images, escalating levels of family breakdowns and secular disconnected communities all impact them in some way. Therefore it is extremely important that personal and social development education is available to them.

These workshops provide a secure learning platform for teenagers because they need information about sexuality and reproduction that is appropriate to their age, experiences, values and cultural background without undermining the school's ethos. They also need to be able to critically evaluate media and social messages they receive about ‘having the perfect body’ as they navigate their way through puberty.

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Overexposed & Under-Prepared

Workshops for parents

Pornography is the most significant sex educator for many young people, yet it misrepresents reality.

In order to assist young people to navigate this new reality, schools, parents and community organisations must first address the issues.

It's time we put aside our discomfort and discussed 'porn culture' as a matter of urgency as this is impacting on the lives of many young people today.

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"Wendy talked about real life situations and showed actual pictures about teenage binge drinking. I now have a better understanding of the horrible effects it has on teenagers. I am glad we learnt about this stuff. Wendy did a good job and made it really interesting."

Year 8 female student, Secondary School

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