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Kidz Biz Ed endeavors to continuously deliver fun, exciting and highly-valued programs along with a standard of customer service, professionalism and relationship-building that is second to none. It stakes its reputation on its clients. Its proliferating folio contains genuine and verifiable testimonials that have been provided by teachers and students from diverse South Australian schools. A sample of these has been featured on this web page.

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Teacher Testimonials

Proof of testimonials is available upon request.

"Outstanding! Extremely beneficial. Very supportive and safe environment to learn and ask questions, all created by Sally's excellent communication skills."
Anonymous teacher, Anonymous Primary School

"Presenter put the students & staff at ease. Topics were relevant & appropriate."
T. Probert, Burnside Primary School

"Wendy dealt very sensitively with all topics and used humour well to enlighten the mood and help the students feel comfortable discussing any subject. The students are very sad that the lesson had to end."
A. Kingston, St Andrew's School

"I had some feedback from this year's session from a parent. I have a boy in my class whose mum describes as "quite prudish" and she said that he hasn't let anyone see him without his clothes since he was about 4. From the sessions with Josie, he realised that one of his testicles wasn't in the right position. He told his mum, who took him to the doctor and then he had a little operation to correct it. She said they would have never known until it was too late without the Growth and Development sessions."
Anonymous teacher at an Anonymous Primary School

"Sarah was an excellent presenter who had a great rapport with the students. She presented all information  and answered all queries from the students."
T. Cramsas Nailsworth Primary

"THANK YOU! I feel as though I was very naive. Absolute eye opener. I went home and discussed with my husband our plan of "attack" for our 10 year old and 8 year old. Really made me think! Thank you!"
Teacher, Linden Park Primary School (Overexposed & Under Prepared Teacher PD workshop)

"The students were talking a lot about pornography after today's session. Josie, you are an excellent presenter. Making the students feel comfortable & adding humour all while talking about some interesting topics. Great job once again."
R. Book, Brighton Primary School

"My year 6/7 class just completed a 4 week Personal and Social Development course with Kidz Biz Ed. I would certainly recommend the course and found the content to be informative as well as engaging.

"Expectations for participating were made clear and students felt comfortable asking questions and being involved in the discussion. The topics covered were particularly relevant and of interest to teenagers and were presented using a PowerPoint display on the interactive whiteboard.

"An excellent range of courses offered by an accommodating and professional presenter."
D. Williams, Brighton Primary School

"My kids (Year 6) have absolutely loved the Growth and Development lessons presented by Wendy Hill. Using a great mix of hands-on activities, videos, real-life photographs and informative discussion, Wendy has sensitively taken them out of their comfort zone, yet, at the same time making their learning a fun and rewarding experience.

"As Issey writes,

"Every week I was looking forward to the lessons, because they were great fun and I really learnt a lot about all the things we would be going through. It has taught me to accept all the things that happen to your body, and now I am not afraid to talk about them."

"And from Charlotte,

"I want to say I've learnt heaps and thank you, Wendy, for teaching us about growing up and for making it fun."
H. Birbeck, Highgate Primary School

"Kidz Biz Ed provided Growth and Development courses tailored to the needs of Year 6 and 7 students at Linden Park Primary School in accordance with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Lessons were presented in an engaging, open and non-threatening manner and students responded positively to the content and participated actively in the discussions and group activities which evolved. Our students not only enjoyed the lessons but embraced the opportunity to learn about social, personal and sexuality development. We have experienced continuing success over the years and we will incorporate Kidz Biz Ed into our programs for many years to come."
K. Lloyd / J. Edwards, Linden Park Primary School

"Wendy Hill provided from Kidz Biz Ed provided my class with an interesting relevant delivery of aspects of Growth and Development suitably tailored to their Year 6/7 level.

"The students were engaged by Wendy’s presentation techniques, which included PowerPoint programs, hands-on activities and games, DVDs and discussions. Wendy provided an informative, structured delivery intertwined with lighthearted moments that students warmed to and felt relaxed and comfortable with.

"Wendy also provides a very useful teacher resource pack that enables classroom follow up activities and further student reading.

"My class has all expressed through discussion and their writing how informative and fun they thought their Kidz Biz Ed sessions were and I can certainly recommend them!"
T. Butler, Year 6/7 Class Teacher, Braeview Primary School

"The students written reflection following each of the sessions demonstrated that although they sometimes felt embarrassed, they had learned a lot of new information that they felt was important."
H. Wood, St Andrew's School

"When thinking about Growth and Development lessons students can have a preconceived idea of ooh gross! However through the Kidz Biz sessions with Wendy my Year 6/7 class found it engaging, interesting and at times humorous. Wendy is extremely professional and my class felt comfortable to participate in the different activities and meaningful discussions. My students enjoyed learning about growing up and learning about the possible challenges they may face, such as peer pressure, body image and cyber bullying including strategies on how to cope with these issues. A valuable learning program. Thank you."
K. Noel, Norwood Primary School

"Fantastic course, great progression of topics, well presented to yr level. Sarah was excellent Big thanks."
J Blunt Nailsworth Primary School

"Wendy provided a programme that students both enjoyed and could relate to. She used humour in order to make students feel comfortable to explore this subject that they are fascinated about. Her direct approach enabled Wendy to talk frankly about sensitive topics. Students were initially anxious but this quickly changed as they realised that they were learning much and that they were able to talk frankly themselves and receive relevant, accurate information. Wendy connected with all students and quickly developed a positive rapport with them. A variety of techniques were used. Students worked in small groups, viewed multimedia, listened and discussed. Students organized themselves so they were well and truly ready to start as soon as Wendy entered the room. We use this programme as a strong basis for our Health focus."
M. Whelan, Woodend Primary School

"Excellent workshops at the student's level of understanding & provision of adequate question time & sharing. Well paced with excellent visual presentations& content which stimulated student engagement."
M. Little, Glen Osmond Primary School

"My year 5 students loved their time with Wendy. She engaged them in hands-on activities and powerful discussions - while making the students feel comfortable and relaxed. I admired her sense of humour and light hearted approach in dealing with sensitive topics. Wendy has attended our school for many years now and Growth and Development has become an integral part of our Term 1 curriculum. Her activities vary each year and build upon the students' prior learning/understandings."
M. Ruolle, Norwood Primary School

"Confident presentation, highly factual, great selection of supporting PowerPoint/clips. Addressed children's questions/concerns respectfully. Suitable humour."
H. Buck, Flagstaff Hill Primary School

"Thank you Wendy, very informative. Your talks are always amazing. Really scary topic! I'll be talking to my 16 yo & 19 yo tonight."
Teacher, Cowandilla Primary School (Overexposed & Under Prepared Teacher PD workshop)

Parent Testimonials

"Great info for families & I feel it should be held yearly to inform children regularly and in the classroom and not just at night."
Parent, McLaren Flat Primary School

"Sally was fantastic and engaging with the children during the whole session. My son found her manner very approachable and was even game to raise his hand to answer a question. Very valuable to have these issues addressed as a whole community. Thank you."
A. Balmer, Craigburn Primary School

"Thanks so much for the fun, informative and interactive session. The concepts were explained well with great humour."
T. Joachin

"Very confronting but essential! Thank you."
Parent, Pedare College (Over exposed & Under Prepared parent only workshop)

"Thank you. The comments about positive thoughts and knowing you have to put weight on during puberty were really valuable."

"Wish we could get this out to more parents."
Parent, Mitcham Primary School (Over exposed & Under Prepared Parent only workshop)

"A good introduction to approaching a tricky subject. Very well given. Very interesting to my 7 year old."
T. & M. Hill

"An eye opener. I didn't realise what average children are exposed to."
Parent, Cowandilla Primary School (Over exposed & Under Prepared parent only workshop)

"Nicely presented: informative and 'no–nonsense' which worked well."
Parent, Sturt Street Community School

"Great session. I learned a lot about things I wasn't aware of."
Parent, Calvary Lutheran School (Over exposed & Under Prepared parent only workshop)

"Thank you! We were trying to find a way to explain this to our lads and then you came along with a great way to do that."
Parent, Reynella Primary School

"Great information & a good opener for further discussion at home with my child."
Parent, Walkerville Primary School

"Very much a fun way to start the discussion about bodies and body parts with our children. Thank you."
Quinn family

"Very thankful. A necessary & informative evening. Wonderful for the students."
B. Galek, Walkerville Primary School

Student Testimonials

The following unedited extracts from students’ full testimonials are available for inspection.

"Wendy is a great teacher and is very fun, interesting and informative. It was time well spent."
Year 6 female student

"I believe that these lessons made me more confident about these particular subjects and Sarah was very nice and patient."
Year 7 female student

"Before the first lesson I thought it would be really gross but when Sarah started talking to us about the topics she made it interesting and not as gross."
Year 5 student

"Wendy talked about real life situations and showed actual pictures about teenage binge drinking. I now have a better understanding of the horrible effects it has on teenagers. I am glad we learnt about this stuff. Wendy did a good job and made it really interesting."
Year 8 female student

"She told the stuff really well and she knew what she was talking about and it wasn't just all serious. It was kind of funny and we made jokes."
Year 7 male student

"It was very fun and it was interesting and yes, it was informative. They were good lessons and it would have been cool if they did it longer."
Year 6 male student

"I enjoyed learning about what will happen to me in the future and Keryn was absolutely amazing thank you."
Year 6 student

"Sarah presented it very simply and it was understandable. She didn't make it awkward and I felt comfortable during the lessons."
Year 7 student

"Sally was a good teacher, and she made it not uncomfortable."
Year 7 student

"Thank you so so much. I learned way more than I knew before. Too much to say."
Year 6 male student

"Growth and Development is very informative, in a subtle, relaxed way. The stories Wendy tells just back up the points she is trying to make, but in an interesting way."
Year 9 female student

"I think it's very useful to know these things because we'll need this information in life."
Year 6 male student

"The lessons were interesting, fun and informative ….. the presentation had lots of bright colours and interesting pictures and the way you talked about it kept me interested. I really like the way you present the information and how you make it sound. You understand what some of us are going through and you have taught me many things. Thanks again."
Year 7 female student

"I think Kids Biz Ed teaches growth & development in a comfortable way."
Year 7 female student

"I didn't realise how serious cyber bullying and sexting really are and how some teenagers have committed suicide over this. Wendy told us a real life story of a girl in America who actually killed herself. She did a good job of making us aware of what can happen."
Year 9 female student

"It was very beneficial & we liked the instructor a lot."
Year 7 male student

"Overall, I think growth and development was a huge success and I hope to do it again next year."
Year 6 male student

"The instructor was really funny and enthusiastic which made it less awkward."
Year 6 female student

"Wendy was our class’s instructor and she made things interesting so we could understand by doing games like when we had to do the life cycle of a baby and matching diseases. …Wendy put a lot of work in an hour to teach us about growth and development. I think Wendy was an excellent host and I learned heaps of things about the body."
Year 6 female student

"Nurses know more about growth and development."
Year 5 female student

"Wendy made it easier than last year to participate in discussion and made it more interesting. This is because she made everyone get into it and gave more interesting information. I think my fellow year sevens need to know this information because we are all about at the age when puberty starts to kick in and change us."
Year 7 male student

"Our teacher was funny and made it easier to talk about everything."
Year 7 male student

"The lessons, to me, were fun, informative, and all over great because Wendy gave us activities that I enjoyed, and the way she presented the information made it easy to understand. Overall, they were the best G & D lessons I had been to."
Year 7 male student

"I think what Wendy did was awesome! Very good."
Year 6 male student


"Wendy talked about real life situations and showed actual pictures about teenage binge drinking. I now have a better understanding of the horrible effects it has on teenagers. I am glad we learnt about this stuff. Wendy did a good job and made it really interesting."

Year 8 female student, Secondary School