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Wendy Hill
Educator / Principal Consultant

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"My kids (Year 6) have absolutely loved the Growth and Development lessons presented by Wendy Hill. Using a great mix of hands-on activities, videos, real-life photographs and informative discussion, Wendy has sensitively taken them out of their comfort zone, yet, at the same time making their learning a fun and rewarding experience.

As Issey writes,

"Every week I was looking forward to the lessons, because they were great fun and I really learnt a lot about all the things we would be going through. It has taught me to accept all the things that happen to your body, and now I am not afraid to talk about them."

And from Charlotte,

"I want to say I've learnt heaps and thank you, Wendy, for teaching us about growing up and for making it fun."

H. Birbeck, Highgate Primary School