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Wendy Hill- Director, Principal Consultant/Educator of Kidz Biz
- Bachelor of Education
- Registered Enrolled Nurse

Wendy HillWendy is founder, principal consultant and educator of Kidz Biz Education. A qualified teacher and registered as a nurse, Wendy has generated widespread interest and enthusiasm among students and the teaching fraternity with her affable and engaging teaching style.

Her teaching particularly focuses on primary and middle year students due to the increasing difficulties they face with puberty (both physical and on an emotional level), their vulnerability to peer group, media and social pressure and the mounting complexities associated with liberal attitudes within our society.

Wendy has over 20 years of educating experience including classroom teaching and delivering programs as a health educator. During this time she developed and delivered educational courses to state/private primary and secondary schools within South Australia’s metropolitan, regional and outback areas.

Drawing upon her own experiences with adolescents, Wendy has developed a strong passion, commitment and advocacy to propagating knowledge on young people’s safety and well being.

With her unwavering enthusiasm, originative tutoring techniques and her ability to connect with young minds, Wendy found her niche in contemporary and advanced personal and social development education.

In addition to her teaching background, Wendy also has over 30 years experience within the health profession in all aspects of nursing. These highly developed skills compliment her ability to create and deliver fun and interactive educational workshops to young people.

Julie House- Bachelor of Education
- Diploma of Teaching Primary

Julie House"I think it is important that parents and children realise they are not alone in dealing with the issues of growing up. The more information young people have, the better they are equipped to make decisions and choices for their future well being."

With her passionate, friendly and approachable teaching style, Julie helps young people acquire knowledge, self-managing skills, self respect and confidence within a fun learning environment.

With her astute knowledge and experience of raising three children on her own, due to their father's untimely death, Julie is empathic with the difficulties which many parents face and the affects of outside influences.

Julie has over 30 years of educating experience including classroom teaching, managing a number of school sports teams, coaching and umpiring, assisting on school camps and chairing on various school committees. She has also had a research paper on "Girls In Education" published by DECD.

As a highly qualified public speaker, Julie facilitates  Kidz Biz Education's classroom workshops as well as the increasingly popular family evening workshops.

In her leisure time Julie enjoys handicrafts, Latin American dancing, travelling and fund raising for numerous world-wide charities, including World Families Australia Inc.

Josie Buckley- Registered Nurse
- Bachelor of Nursing
- Registered Midwife

Josie Buckley"Francis Bacon said; "knowledge is power." I agree with this belief and have a passion for building self esteem in young people, as well as a focus on providing them with skills to cope with life's challenges in what are their vulnerable years."

With more than 30 years of experience within the health profession and as a strong advocate on the importance of personal and social development education, Josie brings a unique knowledge base and perspective to the classroom through engaging and fun educational sessions. With a focus on the student's self esteem and well being, Josie takes pride in ensuring that the students she educates receive accurate information in an easy to understand manner.

As a mother, Josie understands the issues facing children today as they journey through their adolescent years. Using empathy and understanding, combined with her medical knowledge, Josie delivers growth and development education in an effective way that encourages children to talk and ask questions openly in a safe surrounding.

Josie is heavily involved in her children's school communities. She readily volunteers her time when parent assistance is required, including varied school and classroom activities.

Sarah Trussell - Registered Nurse
- Bachelor of Nursing

Sarah TrussellAdolescence can be a very difficult time, both physically and emotionally, for a young person. This is why it is important to educate young people about their bodies and the changes that they will go through.

I have the experience to be able to support children through these challenging times. Providing them with the correct information means they can make informed life decisions, and develop the knowledge and skills to manage the challenges.

I gained this experience in my work as a nurse for twelve years in mental health and paediatrics, and as a mother.

Keryn Carter- Registered Nurse
- Bachelor of Nursing
- Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Education and Promotion)

Keryn CarterWhen educating young people, information must be delivered in an easy to understand, fun and relaxed manner. This gives students the confidence to ask questions and learn in a safe environment, and encourages confidence and self-esteem. This confidence makes it easier for students to manoeuvre their way through the complexities of adolescence. They have access now to more information than ever before and will inevitably come across some that is inaccurate and even harmful. Providing them with the correct information at the right time in their lives will allay most concerns.

I have two children of my own and have worked as a nurse since 2004, plus have always had an interest in education and primary health care. It is this combination of my nursing knowledge, training and life experience that enables me to make a real contribution to the primary health education of young people.

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"When thinking about Growth and Development lessons students can have a preconceived idea of ooh gross! However through the Kidz Biz sessions with Wendy my Year 6/7 class found it engaging, interesting and at times humorous. Wendy is extremely professional and my class felt comfortable to participate in the different activities and meaningful discussions. My students enjoyed learning about growing up and learning about the possible challenges they may face, such as peer pressure, body image and cyber bullying including strategies on how to cope with these issues. A valuable learning program. Thank you."

K. Noel, Norwood Primary School

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