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Wendy HillNew teen dating app puts kids at risk (PDF)

Early access to porn resulting in highly sexualised behaviour in school playgrounds, Kidz Biz Education says (PDF)

Late nights on social media making primary school students fall asleep in the classroom (PDF)
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"Kidz Biz Ed provided Growth and Development courses tailored to the needs of Year 6 and 7 students at Linden Park Primary School in accordance with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Lessons were presented in an engaging, open and non-threatening manner and students responded positively to the content and participated actively in the discussions and group activities which evolved. Our students not only enjoyed the lessons but embraced the opportunity to learn about social, personal and sexuality development. We have experienced continuing success over the years and we will incorporate Kidz Biz Ed into our programs for many years to come."

K. Lloyd / J. Edwards, Linden Park Primary School

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